Graduation Projects Oral Examination held by Department of Applied Natural Science

Under the patronage of the College Dean, Dr. Sultan Al-Mutairi and in the presence of the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Dukheil and the Head of Applied Natural Science Department, Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhash, an oral examination of graduation projects took place on Tuesday 18/4/1440 AH at 9:00 AM. The graduation projects are part of fulfilling the requirements of earning a degree in computer science (Networking Technology).
The title of the project : Demonstration of Network Design & Implementation for Community College at Majmaah University
The examiners are :
Dr. Emad Al-Deen Masameer, Supervisor (area of expertise : Networking)
Mr. Mohammed Abed, lecturer in computer science (area of expertise : Networking)
The students who wrote the project are:
Ibraheem Al-Suheil
Osama Al-Jubair
Sultan Al-Anezi
Abdullah Al-Delbahi

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