The college is holding a training course on the role of academic advising in developing students' skills


At the request of the Dean of the Applied College, Dr. Shadi Al-Shuwaier, and the follow-up of the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs and Head of the College Counseling Unit, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arefi, , a training course was presented by Dr. Faisal Nefayi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Natural Sciences, and Prof. Hanan Ismail, Department of Female Students on 5/19/1444 AH.

The title of the training course "the role of academic advising in developing students’ skills" and addressed a number of topics, including:




The concept and themes of academic advising

Academic advising tasks and programs

Introducing the terms of educational process

What is an academic advisor

Duties of student's academic advisor

Responsibilities of student towards the academic advisor

How to follow academic advising through the academic system portal

How to communicate with the academic advisor

Listening to students' questions and inquiries 

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