5th Meeting of Academic Accreditation chaired by Dean

The 5th Meeting of Academic Accreditation for the current year 1440/1441 was chaired by the Dean of the College of Medicine and the Supervisor of Medical Services, Dr. Khalid Al-Abdelwahhab.
In preparation to apply for accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) in few days, the meeting focused on addressing several topics related to fulfillment of accreditation requirements.
The academic accreditation is used to describe the process of having official certificates from an accredited body (e.g. NCAAA) certifying that an educational program or institutions have met established quality standards.
The College of Medicine is very concerned to obtain the academic accreditation to ensure that the education offered by the college meets the highest level of quality. The term of accreditation also means that graduates have high qualifications which qualify them to join renowned institutions.

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