Rabi Al-Thani 1442
25 November 2020

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Technical Units which make up the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs

The following units are linked to the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs

Unit of Evaluation and Measurement:

It is a unit that specializes in identifying, building, and developing the measurement and evaluation standards for students, and follow-up the evaluation processes in the various programs of the university.

Objectives of the unit:

- Provide technical support and scientific advice to the faculty members and the units of the university in the field of measurement and evaluation.

- Develop and modernize the means of measurement and evaluation, in such a way that contributes to the achievement of justice and increases the efficiency of learning outputs.

- Identify and build standards for the measurement and evaluation of grades.

- Conduct, publish, and develop the scientific research  in the field of measurement and evaluation.


 Unit of Plans and Study Programs :

It is a unit that is concerned with building and developing Study Plans to improve the educational outputs and achieve a kind of compliance with accreditation standards, and because of its positive impact to keep pace with the development plans and meet the needs of the labor market.

Objectives of the unit:

- Develop specifications and standards that are required in the preparation of Plans and Study Programs in accordance with the standards of the National Commission for Evaluation and Accreditation.

- Study the Plans of Study and evaluate them according to the criteria, mechanisms, and controls and the recommendation for adoption.

- Develop the Plans and Study Programs and support the academic departments, to access high-quality Study Plans.

- Raise the efficiency of workers in the field of Plans and Programs of Study.

- Continuous monitoring of the work of Study Plans Committees in departments and colleges, and their activities, for the purposes of evaluation and improvement and to provide the necessary means and capabilities to them.


 Unit of Excellence in Teaching and Learning:

It is a unit that is concerned with supporting the faculty members and provide a stimulating and supportive academic environment for excellence and innovation in learning and teaching, as well as to provide a system for quality and continuous improvement to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and the quality of learning outputs.

 Objectives of the unit:

- Improve the quality of teaching and learning.

- Develop the capacity of faculty members in teaching and learning skills.

- Develop plans to evaluate and develop the various academic programs in light of  quality requirements and the needs of the labor market and encourage creative thinking.

- Follow-up and coordination with quality units in the Colleges concerning the fulfillment of requirements of  teaching and learning standard.


 Unit of Student Support:

It is s a unit that is concerned with planning, coordination and follow-up of the services provided to male and female students at all academic levels by all concerned sectors of the university.

 Objectives of the unit:

- Develop the skills of the student and show interest of  his/her professional and education needs.

- Evaluate the student-oriented services directly by university sectors and contribute to  the development of these services.

- Foreseeing the future needs of the student in the light of the University's vision and its future aspirations .

- Activate the role of field training in the development of student's skills.

- Take care of gifted students and those with special needs.

- Develop the policy of Student Counseling in order to achieve the desired and positive interaction at the university level.


 Unit of Graduates:

It is a unit that is concerned with pursuing the graduates affairs, and to seek the appropriate opportunities for their careers that are compatible with their specialties and skills, in addition to  follow-up the graduates to get to know the reality of their performance in the functional areas.

Objectives of the unit:

- Continuous communication with the university graduates who have been recruited and follow-up the valuation of their job performance and take benefits from their experiences.

- Strengthen the link between the university and  the relevant institutions of the society.

- Measure the attitudes of employers towards the university graduates

- Seeking to open fields in the labor market for the university graduates.

- Contribution to the formulation of standard specifications for the university graduates.


 Unit of Planning and Development.

It is a unit that is concerned with planning and development of work in the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs and follow-up the operational plans for Colleges and Deanships associated with, as well as reviewing the educational regulations and preparing reports through the indicators of the approved performance .

Objectives of the unit:

-  Formulation of the strategic plan of the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs in accordance with the University's strategic plan and the nature of the stage.

- Follow-up the annual operational plans for Colleges and Deanships and the Units associated with the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs

 - Determine the rules governing the relationship between the student and the faculty member and the university

- Measure the educational performance of the University via clear and effective performance indicators .

- Prepare periodic evaluation of the programs of the university through clear standards.