Tasks of the Department

– To start preparation the five-year plans of the university in collaboration with the relevant parties within the university and outside.

– To assist and cooperate with the Units of the University in setting up plans and programs as well as the preparation of reports at all levels such as the achievement report, annual report, follow-up report and the annual statistical book.

– To cooperate with the relevant parties in the preparation of schedules for the implementation of their approved plans and follow up their implementation and propose amendments to them.

– To build up databases and statistics about the university and prepare the statistical data as well as establishing a database for all the University staff.

– To conduct developmental studies for the process of administrative works at the university and to follow up their implementation as well as studying the problems and propose solutions for them.

– To set up a comprehensive database for the employees of the university staff.

– To follow-up the organizational regulations of the work, and make suggestions for their improvement.

– To simplify the work procedures at the university, develop and design the used models , and follow-up  preparing and updating the manual procedures, then follow-up their implementation electronically in cooperation with the Deanship of Information Technology at the university.

– To propose plans and the necessary programs to provide training opportunities and scholarships for the employees of the university, in the light of the rules, regulations, and instructions.

– To study the terms of reference of the organizational units at the university in conjunction with the concerned parties and submit proposals to update the devolution of powers, and prepare them annually.

– To conduct the necessary studies to the job description at the university, and prepare the necessary cards.

– To represent the University at the Ministry of Civil Service and other agencies, with regard to the planning and administrative development.

 – To appreciate the new creative experiences in the areas of planning, organizational development and administrative development in various administrative units at the university, publish and disseminate them at the university.

_  To fulfill the data of plans preparation manual issued from the Ministry of Planning & Economy for the five-years plans of the University after being discussed with the administrative and academic units at the University.