Administration's general goal

General goal:

Improving the level of university performance through qualifying and developing its procedural systems and organizational structures.

Organizational connection:

It is linked to the vice-rector's Office 


1 - Supervise the organizational units and coordinate among them to achieve the general goal.

2- Supervising the implementation of approved regulations at work and submitting suggestions for their improvement. 

3 - Supervising the act of setting up and reviewing organizational structures and manuals and submitting suggestions for their improvements to the Vice-Rector.

4 - Supervising the conduct of procedural and organizational studies and submitting the relevant results and recommendations to the Vice-Rector.

5 - Provide the data and information necessary for the administration’s workflow, update them, and develop systems for storing and retrieving them.

6 - Coordinating with the relevant organizational units at the university in everything related to the distribution of tasks among university employees.

7 - Follow up on the offices' needs for devices and tools and conduct studies to rationalize their use.

8 - Participate with the relevant organizational units in developing technical systems for entering and updating data.

9 - Participation in committees and work teams related to Administration work.

10 - Follow up on everything related to preparing and updating the procedures manual of departments, and submit proposals for updating the delegation of powers.

11 - Conducting studies for job descriptions at the university, setting up indicators for establishing, canceling, or merging administrative units.

12 - Representing the university at the Ministry of Civil Service.

13 - Participate in preparing procedural forms to reduce costs and save time.

14 - Sponsoring new creative experiments in the fields of development and administrative development.

15-Unify the university’s identity.

16 - Determine the administration’s needs for human resources, equipment, and materials and provide them.

17 - Identifying the training needs of employees

18 - Preparing periodic reports about the administration’s achievements and suggestions for improvement.

19 - Undertake any other tasks assigned tasks.