Automatic System


Deanship of Libraries Affairs has chosen and installed the automatic system KOHA in early 1431. The system has been secured and installed.

General qualities of the systems KOHA:

1. Matching with international standards in the area of libraries and information and bibliographic data retrieval (such as automatically readable catalog structure MARC and lists of subjects and protocols Z 39.50 for data exchange).

2. The system is complete as it has more than one branch system

3. Full support for the internet service in all library operations such as providing with services and technical processing for information object

4. An easy Basic interface GUI for users

5. The system supports Arabic as well as English

6. There is a possibility of periodically making a back-up of the saved data in the system

The components of KOHA system

KOHA system is composed of a number of branch systems:

1. The available catalog on the direct line OPAC through one interface for users from inside and outside the library on the internet

2. Branch system: cataloging and control setting

3. Branch system: Book-lending and electronic booking

4. Branch system for periodicals

5. Branch system for reports

6. Branch system for supplying

7. Branch system for inventory