Deanship regulations



Deanship of Libraries Affairs has completed the regulations to be applied in branch libraries in faculties and centers. These regulations and rules are to be fixed and implemented in Deanship of Libraries Affairs. This set of regulations comprises forty one articles in three chapters:

Fifth Chapter: Lending System and Booking Information Objects

Article 16: It is allowed to lend information objects to the following groups:

1. teaching staff, lecturers, teaching assistants in university

2. Graduate students in university

3. Graduate students who are not employed by university

4. Undergraduate students in university

5. University female and male employees

6. Affiliated libraries with university

7. Other universities in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries according to the agreements have been signed in this regard.

 Article 17: The borrower is not allowed to borrow any book unless they show an ID proves they belong to university.

Article 18: Information Objects that are not allowed to be borrowed:

1. Information objects that have reference nature such as knowledge circles, dictionaries and guides

2. Unpublished PhD and Master's these

3. Unique books

4. Paperless information objects (audio, visual, CDs, video books)

5. Scientific periodicals that are related to the topic

6. Government printed books, documents, maps and folders

7.  Books that there is only one copy of. Teaching staff and teaching assistants are excluded as they could borrow them on weekends

8. Booked books

9. Books that are stamped (Not for Lending)

10. Books that have more than two volumes

Article 19: Financial Guarantee

A. There will be a borrowing card worth 1000 royals issued for all graduate students who are not employed by the university. The card validity is one year and must be renewed yearly before one month of expiration date.

B. Money of financial guarantee is to be deposited in the account of Deanship of Libraries Affairs, and it will be refunded to the borrower in the event they want to cancel the borrowing card.

C. In case any borrower receives a fine, it will be deducted from the deposited financial guarantee by the borrower. If the fine is more than 1000 riyals, the user will be asked to pay the difference.   

Article 20: The number of titles allowed to be lent according to each category in the following schedule:

Serial no


Number of titles


Teaching staff



Lecturers and teaching assistants



Graduate students



Students and university employees



Beneficiaries from other authorities



 Article 21: Borrowing period:

A. Faculty members, lecturers and teaching assistants are allowed to keep the book (complete academic semester); graduate students (sixty days). Faculty members are allowed to renew one time for one more semester.

B. University students and employees are allowed to renew one month for only one time.

C. Director of Beneficiaries services section in the central library and librarians in branch libraries are allowed to shorten the lending period to one month for the categories mentioned in clauses (A and B) for most borrowed information objects that there are not adequate copies of them in the libraries.

D. The borrower is allowed to renew the borrowing period in the event the books they have are not requested by another library user.

E. The borrower must return the books before the specific timing of return in case it was requested from him within a period of three days at the maximum from the date he was informed by Deanship.     

Article 22: Booking books

A. Faculty members are allowed to book some books for a fixed period of time for students use inside the library, but these books are not allowed to be lent for external people.

B. Lending section director has the right not to allow lending of any book in the event he sees it is necessary to keep it in the library.

C. Booked books should be organized as it is explained in clauses (A and B) according to the following:

          1. Internal lending for every female and male student for two hours maximum. It is renewable in the event the book is not often borrowed.

          2. Lending section director is allowed to lend some copies of the booked books before one hour of library close-time provided it will be returned the next day in the morning before 9 o'clock.



 Article 23: Fines and Punishments:

A. Half a riyal is a fine over every borrowed book for every day of delay. This fine will be implemented for ninety days after lending period ends.

B. If the delay period exceeds ninety days, an extra fine will be counted 10 riyals for every month of delay.

C. If the period of delay exceeds two years, the book will be considered missing.

D. The borrower is not allowed to borrow books unless they return the book they have borrowed already.

E. The library is allowed to ban a borrower from borrowing any books for one semester in the event delay of books recurred three times by them.

F. If the library requests the book back and the borrower does not respond to the library's request, a fine worth 1.5 riyals will be counted for every day of delay after a week of informing the borrower, and he will be treated according to what has been mentioned in the previous clauses of this article.

G. A fine worth one riyal for every hour of delay over every booked book or only one copy.

H. Deanship of Libraries Affairs submits a report of abuse of any libraries' properties by any university employee to the responsible administrations in this regard in the university.

Article 24: Fines of missing books:

A. In the event the book goes missing or is damaged, the borrower is to bring another copy of the same edition or an updated copy within the month of informing them. In case he is not able to bring a copy, he will be asked to pay the amount of money decided by department of establishing and developing groups according to approved principles from Deanship of Libraries Affairs. But, if the book is one of the unique books or manuscript, the borrower will be asked to pay the amount of money that will cover affording another copy of it. This amount of money will be decided by a committee established by Deanship of Libraries Affairs.

B. In case it was impossible to get the money for the missing book in a nice manner, it will be deducted from their pays by university systematically.

C. The book will be counted destroyed in case any paper has been damaged by tearing it or writing on it or changing anything of its appearance.     


Disciplines of Dealing with the Internet inside Deanship of Libraries Affairs in Almajmaah University

Since Deanship of Libraries Affairs is very keen to provide search service on the internet, digital databases and Saudi digital library. There are some disciplines that must be taken into account when using the internet inside Deanship of Libraries Affairs:

1. Keeping computers and the other tools in search service hall in good condition

2. Internet user must be one of the university employees

3. It is not allowed to spread the username and password of databases to more than an individual.

4. Never save username and password of your own e-mail as Deanship is not responsible for the consequences.

5. It is not allowed to browse websites that call for destructive principles and sow the seeds of discord among citizens.

6. It is strictly prohibited to enter websites that violate the Islamic values, traditions and customs

7. Anything violates religion, touches the holiness of Islam and its peaceful message is strictly prohibited

8. Never disseminate anything unethical that calls for crimes or urges violence in any form

9. It is not allowed to spread anything includes defaming individuals or authorities.