Information Literacy Program (ILP)


Information Literacy Program (LIP)

Deanship of Libraries Affairs in Almajmaah University

First: The concept and history of the program

Deanship of Libraries Affairs started Information Literacy Program (LIP) as one of the mechanisms of achieving the strategic goals of Deanship. The idea of the program is summarized in assisting all University employees to get information resources in different kinds and forms and from different places. Also, the objective of the program is to help the employees to use all resources and the skills of dealing with them in a professional manner.  

Second: The vision of the program:

Arriving at an academic community that has information literacy and ability to reach data and deal with them skillfully. 

Third, The program's Message:

Spreading information literacy in Almajmaah University community in order to achieve information and literacy communication with all university employees and supporting all their information needs.

Forth: Objectives of the program

The information literacy program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. To raise university employees' awareness towards the importance of information in their life

2. University employees should know the different kinds and forms of information resources

3. To make university employees master search skills for information

4. Equipping university employees with the required skills of dealing with information

5. To make university employees know the ethics of dealing with information and scientific integrity

6. To make university employees acquire the skill of documenting information from its traditional and electronic resources

Fifth: Tools of Program execution:

·       Executing the guidance program to introduce the library and its services

·       Preparing pamphlets for introducing all library sections and the way of using the electronic catalogue and making it always available at the entrance of central library and branch libraries as well as making it available in the Deanship's gate on the internet.  

·          Preparing guide and introductory booklets of University libraries

·       Preparing the introductory guides of electronic data bases

·       Organizing training courses that cover the following:

·       Using electronic data bases

·       Using Saudi Digital Library

·       Skills and strategies of research

·       How to formulate reference citations in the electronic environment   

Sixth: Activities of Deanship in the program: (from the oldest to the latest)

Deanship executed a number of activities and training courses in the program:


1. Presenting two lectures to introduce database Edusearch in Faculty of Education in Almajmaah on Tuesday 19/3/1432 entitled: "Educational Database Edusearch and the way of utilizing it" and in Faculty of Education in Alzulfi on Monday 25/3/1432

2. Offering an introduction lecture with information development company entitled: "British Medical Journals BMJ Database and the way of utilizing it" for the female employees of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Almajmaah University on Saturday 10/11/1432 corresponding 8/10/2011 in the Faculty theatre. The lecture was delivered by the British lecturer Jennifer Lewis.

3. His Excellency Dr. Adbulaziz Alomran, Dean of Libraries Affairs, presented a lecture under a title: "Electronic Databases in Almajmaah University" on Tuesday 29/10/1432 in the university theatre. The lecture was one of the activities for new teaching staff of the academic year 1432-1433 that was organized by Deanship of Quality and Skills Development under the supervision of His Excellency University Rector.

4. Publishing and distributing "Yearly report of Deanship of Libraries Affairs" for the academic year1431/1432

5. Publishing and distributing introductory pamphlet on "Deanship of Libraries Affairs" and it has been posted on Deanship of Libraries Affairs Gate, Dhe alhijjah (1432)

6. Publishing and distributing an introductory pamphlet "Services of users of University libraries" and it has been put on Deanship of Libraries Affairs' Gate, Delhijjah (1432)

7. Publishing and distributing "A Guide of Electronic Databases" (Muharram1433)

8. Organizing a training course in cooperation with Saudi Digital Library on: "How to use Databases and Digital Library" 17-18 Delhijjah 1433.       

Seventh: The program's supervisors

The program of information literacy program is comprised of the following members:

Dr. Abudlaziz Ibrahim Alomran          Supervisor (Dean of Libraries Affairs)

Dr. Usamah Mohammad Atteyah Khamees       Member (Head of the Quality Center and supervisor of information technology)

Mr. Yasser Abdullah Aldahsh            member (manager of administrative and financial affairs)

Mr. Nayef Abdullah Alhabbas            member (manager of library of Faculty of Sciences in Alzulfi)