Ahmed Abdulaziz Alsemmari


Personal Data

Name: Ahmed Abdulaziz Alshemmari

Present Position: Secretary of a library in deanship of libraries affairs in Almajma'ah University since 1433

Previous Position: Library secretary in deanship of libraries affairs in Imam Mohammad Saud University since 1419

General specialization: Libraries

Rank: the Seventh

Job title: Library secretary

Mobile: 055-512-1040

Business Phone: 06/ 404 1565

Business fax: 06/ 432 4267

e-mail: [email protected]


Diploma in library science from Institute of General Administration, 1417

Training Courses:

1. A course in (Data Entry Program) for a month with excellent average

2. A course in (Arriving at Excellent and Creative Performance Achievement) in Dubai 1428

3. A course in (Advanced Electronic Archiving and Indexing for Documents and Files and Its Applications Using Internet) Dubai 2009

4. A course in (Falsification in Documents and Manuscript) in King Faisal Center 2001

5. A course in (Index and Authority Verification) 2002

6. Courses in bibliographic description for information resources, building digital libraries, ufuq system for libraries and objectivity index, utilizing internet for developing libraries, information centers, bibliographic description for periodicals and libraries and information centers management.




Attending conferences, exhibits and workshops


Mr. Althomeiri participated in different exhibits as a representative for Imam University such as the Companion Exhibit for Information Resources on the Islamic World (1999), Book Fair held in Casa Blanca (2009), Book Fair in King Abdulaziz in Jeddah (1424), Book Fair in Doha and Book Fair in Aljanaderiyyah Festival.

Attending several conferences, workshops, seminars in the library and information field and the digital libraries