Digital Repositories


Digital repositories are considered one of the modern digital information institutions on the internet. These digital repositories were created within initiatives of free access to information such as Institutional Digital Repositories which usually follows a university and research or scientific association. Also, these repositories produce some intellectual work of for employees at the scientific institution for free. They give free access to these intellectual works with no restrictions. These institutional digital repositories are regarded cornerstone for scientific and research institutions evaluation as some scientific institutions are preparing some sort of organization in the institutional digital repositories that are affiliated to the universities across the globe.   

How to take advantages of digital repositories on the Internet

To benefit from digital repositories, you need to type "Institutional Digital Repositories" in any of search engines such as google, or search in any of the open resources repositories guides such as Open Doar. This catalogue is one of the important catalogues that aim to explain how to access and utilize these digital repositories. It also    limits 2086 digital repositories until 09/10/2011 in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, medicine, physics, botany and zoology, information and computer technology, libraries and information and geophysics. You can access and utilize these catalogues by researching in these repositories through the following link:

Some of the digital repositories in the Arab world:

1. Digital Assets Repository in Alexandria library

2. Digital Assets Repository for American University in Cairo

Digital Assets Repository for British University in Cairo

Digital Assets Institutional Repository for department of libraries and information in Almanoufiyah University


Repository of King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals

Repository of Qatar University