strategic plan



the general strategic plan for deanship of libraries affairs

The strategic goal:  Providing academic service at the highest level of quality according to the national and international requirements for the sake of creating competition and challenge spirit in students to keep up with the needs of the labor market 


measurements and indicators

(1) enhancing students' skills and preparing them for the labor market

- number of male and female students who have courses in computer and English language. 

- average of female and male trinee compared to the total number

- the number of educational programs in the e-education

(2) improving programs and services of academic consultation in all university faculties

- per cent (students: academic guide)

- the number of yearly allocated days for academic consultation

- to what extent students are pleased with the academic service provided 

(3) improving students welfare programs

- the number of programs that have been developed and studied

- the number of students who benefit from the programs compared to the total number



the second dimension: learning and development

the general strategic plan for deanship of libraries affairs

strategic goal: improving the human and intellectual capabilities for the university (quality and quantity) for achieving

high-level of quality and excellence in education and scientific research and community service


measurements and indicators

(1) improving the capabilities of the teaching staff and administrators in modern technology field and its educational and administrative application 

-the percentage of trainees compared to the total number of teaching staff and administrators

-the number of training programs that have been conducted

(2) encouraging the teaching staff to participate more in local  and international conferences

-the number of teaching staff who participated in the local and international conferences

-percentage of the participants compared to the total number of lecturers in faculty

(3)supporting overseas scholarship programs, training courses and scientific communication 

-the number of lecturers who are on scholarship or obtained international courses

-the number of overseas scholarships for all university employees

-the number of overseas scholarships, training courses and scientific communication programs for university employees

(4)raising the percentage of Saudi technicians 

- the number of Saudi technicians in faculties

-percentage of Saudi technicians compared to the total number of all technicians

(5) raising the performance levels of employees and developing their skills

-the percentage of who obtained high qualifications during their service

-the number of training courses for employees in the field of development of functional performance

-the percentage of satisfaction with the service of administrators

(6) encouraging researchers to publish their studies locally and internationally

- the number of researchers who have published their researches

-the number of participant researches in the local and international conferences   



Third dimension: internal transactions

General strategic plan for deanship of libraries affairs


strategic goal: Raising the level of corporate performance, improving the infrastructure and the technical environment

for supporting transformation to electronic transactions in the university in a way that achieves its mission and vision


measurements and indicators

(1) developing the infrastructure of buildings and public utilities

the number of buildings and public utilities that have been developed

(2) establishing a network of electronic education

-the number of classrooms provided with smart boards and connected to the university network of information

-the number of networks that have been established in university faculties 

-the number of educational electronic technology users

-the number of loggings into virtual classrooms programs 

(3)developing administrative organization and procedures in faculties  and deanships

- the number of decisions that have been made

-the number of transactions that are executed daily

- percentage of documents and regulations that have been designed

-percentage of success in developing administrative organization and procedures in faculties

(4) enhancing the quality of academic programs and attaining the local and international accreditation

-the number of academic programs that have been studied

-the number of local and international criteria that have been attained

- the number of academic programs that have been developed.

-the number of certificates of local and international academic accreditation that have been received

-percentage of programs that depend on distance education






forth dimension: financial and economic

general strategic plan for deanship of libraries affairs

the strategic goal: expanding economic development for the university in a way that satisfies the needs

of continuous development for the local environment


Measurements and indicators

(1) developing the financial revenues for faculties and deanships in the approved yearly budget 

-the number of participations of businessmen and other sectors in the university programs

-percentage of the financial allocations increase and the budget in the faculties

-the number of research chairs

-the number of research and excellence centers that are supported from outside the faculty

-the number of courses presented to the local community and its institutions

(2) developing financial plans and budgets

-the number of financial plans and approved budgets

-the growth of financial resources that are spent on research and scientific services and activities throughout the academic year prior to the plan

-the number of workshops and seminars on financial plans and budgets


(3) enhancing percentage of expenses with specifying priorities

-the average of total expenses of the university budgets on academic and administrative units in the university

-percentage of departments expenses regarding the total budget of faculties and deanships

(4) completing all regulations and laws needed for receiving the financial resources for faculties and deanships, and making them available for all

-percentage of completed regulations

-the amount of financial resources for the faculty in exchange for the services the faculty provides

-the regulations list for mechanisms of receiving the financial resources