Branch libraries


The Deanship of Library Affairs University oversees the administrative, artistic and technical branch libraries on campus in both the collection and Hawtat Sudair, Zulfi and Ghat, spears, it shall provide the library with all new collections continuously, as well as rehabilitation of the staff of these libraries.

Location and Area:

The library is located in the building of the Faculty of Education Majma'ah estimated current size of about (250) square meters, has distributed units and sections of the library in an exemplary manner, scientific and well thought out

Sections of the Library:

· Library Management

· Users Services

· The electronic catalog

· Hall of free viewing and reading

Library Holdings:

The library contains a variety of sources of information objectively and linguistically 7009 title and the number of about 8084 copies and volumes in all knowledge and science that serve the objectives of the College

Library systems:

Libraries and is managed through a system of indexes Koha, one of the modern systems in the management of libraries

Library services:

· Access the internal service

· Automatic search in library catalogs

· Reference Services

· Photography

· Current Awareness

· Internet Service

Communication mechanisms:

¨ E-mail: [email protected]