Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
22 October 2020

Last Modified Tue, 2020/02/25 - 02:50



  • Providing information sources in all its different kinds required by libraries and units of the university.

  • Technical treatment and organization of information sources within libraries affiliated to the university through using the best vocational methods which would contribute to make using of this sources accessible and more easier for beneficiaries.

  • Continuous planning and offering information services in all libraries of the affiliated libraries in a way which would be suitable for the beneficiary requirements and the available facilities.

  • Planning for investing the allocated budget for information sources and services and development of its resources.

  • Establishing a digital library for the university and improving, optimizing its services on a continuous basis.

  • Cooperation with other libraries and authorities of mutual concern in away achieve benefit to the university and its different units.

  • Organization of fairs in the field of libraries and information and participation according to the pursued measures.

  • Definition of the scientific production of the university members using proper means.

  • Continuous planning and providing sufficient well qualified manpower in the field of libraries and information according to size and requirements of work and the offered services in the different libraries of university.

  • Preparation of criteria, specifications and measures related to the university libraries and its services in away which ensures the high quality of its services offered through such libraries.