Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Scouts Activities (Male Students)

These are service activities that provide services to the community in terms of organization and follow-up. Scouts group is called (tribal scouts) in the universities. Majmaah University seeks that its scouts group starts from where others have ended in all areas of student activities, especially the tribal scouts to join the development convoy of the Scout Movement in Saudi universities. The start would be in all stages either in leadership preparation and qualify them in a suitable way or through participations at all internal and external levels and Hajj public service camps. The university shall. The university will receive much attention from those officials responsible for development of scouts and provide all requirements to develop them till they become able to serve their religion and their homeland. The internal scout plan will be submitted in summer of each academic year and registration will take place with the beginning of each academic year. Qualification studies for scouts students will start during the academic year. The university is keen on foreign participation that add to the students more experience and training.