Measurement & Assessment Unit

Tasks of the unit:


1- Prepare measurement tools (scales, questionnaires, and note cards) necessary for the operations of the calendar.

2- Supervising the application of different measurement tools, for use in promoting the positive aspects, and to address the negative aspects, if any.


3- Analysis of the results of courses tests, and provide some statistical indicators of the quality of the test, such as reliability coefficients and the extent of the difficulty of the questions.


4- Presentation and discussion of the results to exchange views on the development of methods of evaluating students.


5- Facilitate the task of correcting the objective tests, and evaluate the quality of the educational attainment measure.


6- Conducting studies on some phenomena academic and non-academic, to provide some indicators that can be relied upon to take some administrative decisions.


7- Organization and implementation of training courses in the measurement and evaluation in order to develop measurement and evaluation skills.