Vision and Mission


College/Program Vision:

  • To be a College of regional leadership and international excellence in the production and use of dental knowledge.

College/Program Mission:

  • Creation of a stimulating learning environment following the highest quality & scientific research standards, for preparation of professional competencies in Dental Science. And to contribute effectively to the acquisition and dissemination of the culture of oral health and production of knowledge in dentistry for community support and optimum use of technology and building local and global partnerships.

College/Program Objectives:

1 - Comprehensive knowledge of dentistry related sciences.

2 - The ability for critical thinking to make a decision and put efficient clinical treatment plan.

3 - Communication skills in accordance with the professional ethics.

4 - The ability to identify the sources of scientific information, and ownership of the research methodology and evidence based Practice.

5 - The ability to identify community oral health needs, and to provide appropriate and practical solutions to meet these needs.

6 - Accomplishing all anticipated dental treatments with high efficiency through the implantation of manual and mental skills compatibility.