Tasks of the unit:


1- Suggesting the policies and criteria of obtaining academic accreditation and following up its implementation in line with the approved mechanism.


2- Preparing a comprehensive guidebook of academic accreditation and quality assurance at the college in line with the international and national experiences that can potentially result in securing and maintaining the academic accreditation along with application of quality benchmarks in the field.


3- Suggesting the criteria and tools of evaluating the performance of the administrative and educational departments according to the quality and accreditation criteria.


4- Coordinating with the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation in order to achieve the academic accreditation.


5 - Drawing up policies, plans and goals of academic accreditation at the college.


6- Following up the visits of experts at the accrediting agencies to the college.


7- Providing consultations to the departments in terms of academic accreditation.