Vice Dean of Quality & Skills Development

Vice Dean of Quality & Skills Development

Dr/ Fayez Alghofaily



General jurisdiction:


Overseeing the implementation of quality standards in the academic and administrative aspects of the college, to ensure the quality and achieve academic accreditation requirements in coordination with the dean of the college.


Organizational link:


Linked to Dean of the College.


Terms of reference:


1. To promote a culture of quality, and posted on the college level.


2. Work on increasing the efficiency of the quality system of faculty.


3. Pursue college programs to the requirements of academic accreditation.


4. Supervise the preparation of development and operational plans for college, and follow-up its implementation.


5. Study the difficulties and problems facing the development and quality college programs, and propose appropriate solutions.


6. Identify faculty members training needs and coordinate with the competent authorities.


7. Proposal for the development of the college Employees skills.


8. Stimulate the participation of faculty members in the programs offered by the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.


9. Implementation and follow-up of activities and creativity awards excellence in educational performance, administrative and research at the college.


10. Communicate with the Deanship of quality.


11. Supervise the preparation of the annual report of the college.


12. Propose the formation of committees on the work of the agency.