Vice Dean of Students Affairs

Vice Dean of Students Affairs

Dr/ Abdallah Alharbi

Email: [email protected]


General jurisdiction:


Supervision of students Affairs, in coordination with the dean of the college.


Organizational link:


Linked to Dean of the College.


Terms of reference:


1. Follow-up of student's affairs of the college.


2. Supervision of graduate programs at the college.


3. Follow-up of creation of database of institutions related to the graduates and the labor market.


4. Provide economic, psychological, educational, health, and social welfare program to help students to achieve social, psychological and personal integration compatibility.


5. Communication and coordination with the heads of academic departments to transfer the cases that need to guide and direct follow-up.


6. The establishment of programs designed to modify some of the negative behaviors that are not consistent with the legitimate values ​​and enlighten student's regulations.


7. Preparation of plans for student activities.


8. Preparation and regulate the activities of student committees within the college.


9. College representation in student activities.