Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr. Ahmed Al-Namri Email:[email protected] Overview: The Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is a faculty members at the college, assigned to supervise graduate studies affairs, fund scientific research, serve community and follow-up scholarship-students in coordination with the college’s dean. The Vice-Dean, as a member of the college board, is associated with the Dean Tasks of the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research: 1. Propose and follow-up the implementation of the college policy of graduate studies 2. Follow-up the graduate studies students’ affair at the college 3. Supervise graduate studies programs at the college 4. Supervise the process of writing research proposals 5. Improve the college’s facilities in the area of scientific research 6. In coordination with the dean, the vice-dean communicate with the Dean’s Office of Scientific Research at MU and research centers with regard to research procedures 7. Seek research grants in coordination with the dean 8. Support establishing research centers 9. Propose mechanisms to apply scholarship policy at the college 10. Follow-up the affairs of the college’s scholarship-students 11. Supervise the programs offered by the college to community 12. Develop the human and intellectual capacity of staff (both qualitatively and qualitatively) to achieve high degrees of quality in the fields of education, scientific research and community service.