Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The Center Vision:

Excellence in college quality practices.

The Center Mission:

Constant improvement of quality in all units and departments of the college, through the application of comprehensive quality to enhance the college mission and strategic objectives.

The Center Objective:

1.  Providing the mission and the vision of the college.

2.  Spreading quality and academic accreditation aspect among the faculty members, students and employees through training course, workshops, and symposium,  

     booklets, and brochures ets.

3.  Proposing the formation of team.

4.  Setting quality and academic accreditation plans and polices of the college.

5.  Providing technical support for the academic and administrative departments of the college in all quality and academic accreditation issues.

6. Identifying the possible improvement fields and proposing the suitable projects to achieve these objectives.

7. Setting up a long-team strategic plan to improve the educational and learning fields in accordance with the up-to-date needs of the society and labor market.

8. Following up the process of course specification and the academic programs and identifies weakness and strength points in these fields and correcting the   

     weakness points.

9.  Designing and providing the appropriate assessment tools to establish quality assurance system.

10. Providing periodical reports on the performance levels and the beneficiary consent.

11. Aiming to execute and follow up the assessment and academic accreditation.

12. Contacting the relevant quality and accreditation institutions in the university education filed to exchange experiences to achieve expansive benefits.

13.  Following up the procedures of excellence prizes and awards of the college.

14. Constant collection of data and details concerning the college quality activities.

15. Documenting the effort, to be transferred to the deanship of quality.

16. Carrying out the other tasks of the deanship of quality concerning quality and academic accreditation.