Department of Pathology



Department of pathology was founded since the college of medicine was opened and involves a number of units including unit of histopathology and hematology, unit of microbiology, unit of biochemistry and unit of forensic medicine. Department participates actively in the teaching process in the college where  some courses (modules) including those under the name of principles of health and disease, genetics and cancers, multisystem disorders and forensic medicine and toxicology were completely supervised by the department and the members are fully involved in the preparation, supervision, coordination and teaching of those courses. Also the department contributes  in the preparation and processing and teaching of courses that belong to other departments especially those belong to basic sciences department. Department also contains laboratories equipped to meet the requirements of the educational process of the college, including histopathology, hematology, microbiology and biochemistry laboratories. For realization  of the great goals that adopted by the University in the combined development and service of the community, the members of department are involved to work in various laboratories at King Khalid hospital Majmaah province thus contributing to the stability and upgrading the health services at the hospital.

Department includes a large number of specialists in different disciplines:

1-    Dr. Salah Ahmed - Histopathologist/Hematologist

2-    Dr. Syed Yousof Kazmi - Microbiologist

3-    Dr. Abdul lateef Junaid – Biochemist

4-    Dr. Atif Ali Basheir - Histopathologist

5-    Dr. Ashraf Abdulftaah – Histopathologist

6-    Dr. Mohammad Vaseem - Biochemist

7-    Dr. Ali Faraz – Microbilogist

8-    Dr. Khaja Moinuddin Salar – Biochemist

9-    Dr. Kashif Sheikh – Hematologist

10-                      Dr. Usama Bin Gaffar – Forensic medicine

11-                      Dr. Nazia Khan – Microbiologist

12-                      Dr. Wajidara Asra – Bichemist

13-                      Dr. Rajya Laxmi – Biochemist

14-                      Dr. Turki Alkathery – Tutor