International Cooperation

Procedural Goals: - Establishing the ties of the international cooperation with the prestigious international universities in medicine and drawing unrivalled attention to sign Memoranda of Understanding for exchanging the experiences. - Entering into Services Agreements with the international universities with the aim of exchanging the experiences at all levels. - Prioritizing the programs of the visiting professors. Methods: Forming a committee called “International Cooperation Committee which includes a faculty member or two member and a secretary. The secretary is responsible for the following:A-To achieve integration with the University Deputyship for graduate and Scientific Research for preparing the Memoranda of Understanding and service contracts with the international universities and enacting the procedural and legal mechanism. B-Starting the introductory communication with these universities as a step toward achieving the partnership.C- Commencing the channels of communications with the academic department to exploit the programs of the international cooperation.  Members of the international committee:.

Name Occupation

 Prof. Mazen Alqataw


Mr.Qoubi Member
Mr. Nasser Al-qhatani Secretary