Message from the Dean

In line with the strategic directions of MU and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and in conjunction with the development plans in the Kingdom to help foresee the future, analyze the current situation, and build national competencies capable of contributing in an economy based on knowledge and innovation, the Institute of Studies and Consulting Services strives to fulfill those plans and visions within a framework characterized with scientific and practical methodology, and by a group of trained and qualified cadres capable of applying the highest levels of professionalism.

The Institute also provides specialized studies of a developmental nature to serve the societal goals aiming to preserve the national identity and cultural of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are committed to achieve these goals, and therefore set our vision and mission within the framework of a set of values ​​serving the community partnership, maintaining quality and professionalism, and leading to participate in building the nation’s institutions and the national transformation initiatives 2020, and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.


Dr. Saad Al-Rushud