Areas of Expertise


•    Research and Studies Area:

•    • The Institute carries out studies and scientific research in humanities, economics, medical sciences, pure and applied sciences and other disciplines, based on the needs of beneficiaries in public and private sectors.

•    Projects and consulting services:

•    • The Institute conducts applied professional consultations in: medical, engineering, legal, financial, administrative, humanitarian and societal fields. It also provides supervisory services to implement projects and educational, academic and technical advisory work. Collaborating with teams from faculty members at the university, or in cooperation with specialized experts or alliances. And strategic partners in the field of work, to achieve the objectives of the beneficiary and its full satisfaction.

•    Area of specialized training and qualification:

The Institute is well-known for its diversity in specialized training programs and courses. We have a group of the finest certified trainers who have high training competencies and long experience in determining needs and designing training packages that suit trainee's needs. These programs are provided in a modern style based on interaction and knowledge enrichment. The institute has the facilities needed for training including state-of-the-art devices and laboratories according to international standards.


 Area of educational and academic programs:

The Institute has experience in providing accredited or classified educational and academic programs in the relevant authorities in cooperation with Majmaah University and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Providing competencies and manpower:

The Institute is specialized in providing projects and specialized human competencies in all areas needed by government sectors.

•    Support services and logistical support:

The Institute provides the support services and logistical support required by all projects, including: Creating a work environment, and conferences and seminars, training workshops, hotel and flight reservations, and transportation.