Areas of implementing services and consulting studies

Providing consulting services to develop competencies and transformative capabilities

Ministry of Energy

Providing consulting, technical and administrative services and studies in the field of electricity

Ministry of Energy

Consulting services for direct and indirect financing policies

Social Development Bank

Providing advisory services to support, plan and implement investment promotion activities and effectiveness

General Authority for Investment


Services in the field of implementing national transformation programs and initiatives                               


Develop and localize industrial service opportunities and support private sector partnerships

Ministry of Energy

Establish appropriate mechanism for the participation of private sector in renewable energy

Ministry of Energy

Support and development of the emergency medicine department program

Ministry of Health

Establish and activate centers of excellence and municipal creativity

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Collect and record Saudi Cancer Registry data

Saudi Health Council

Implement the Fund's strategy transformation plan

Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Build a new administration for community participation

Ministry of Sports

Establish and run the women's administration

Ministry of Sports


Logistic services in the field of IT

Development of resource planning systems

Ministry of Commerce and Investment

Prepare and design an electronic system for scientific research management

Islamic University in Medina

Develop a control panel for the National Program to enhance competitiveness

General Authority for Investment

Enterprise Application Development

Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Support and develop of institutional excellence systems

Social Development Bank


Services in the field of education

Create and develop general foundation courses for universities

Saudi Electronic University

Review and arbitrate study plans for medical programs

Ibn Sina National College

Design a program for medicine major

Al-Rayan College

Provide studies and consultations to establish a fund academy

Saudi Industrial Development Fund