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A team from the Documents and Archives Center headed by the director of the Center, Mr. Abdul Karim Al-Turki, visited the College of Sharia and Law in Ghat. The team was welcomed by the Dean of the College, Dr. Omar Al-Omar.

جامعة المجمعة

Prof. Saleh Al-Mezal, issued an administrative decision to assign Mr. Abdulkarim Al-Turki as the director of the Documents and Archives Center.


The director of the Center, Mr. Muhammad Al-Abdelhadi, and the his assistant, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barazi, visited the Documents and Archives Unit at the College of Sciences and Humanities in Ghat on Monday. They were welcomed by the head of the Documents and Archives Unit, Mr.


The Documents and Archives Center organized the first meeting with the directors of general administrations at the university on Tuesday.

This meeting aims to discuss the activation of  documents and archives units and solve the difficulties of preserving and archiving documents.


The Documents and Archives Center conduct the first a workshop on Monday and Tuesday 14-15/11/2022 entitled "The Fundamentals of documentary work in government agencies". Fundamentals of documentary work and classification of documents.

The Documentations & Archives Center conducted, in cooperation with the General Administration of Development, a workshop entitled ‘Review of Unified Regulation of Administrative Documentations & Archives’.

The Director of Documentation & Archives participated on Monday in launching the E-platform at the headquarter of General Auditing Bureau in Riyadh.