General function:-

Strive to achieve a comprehensive security system at the university and improve it regularly; preserve lives and property and maintain order and discipline. 

Tasks and functions: -

1: Maintain security and protection for the lives and property of the university’s buildings and facilities.

2: Organizing traffic on roads and parking lots in the main campus 

3: Issuing entry permits to all university employees and visitors.

4: Set an integrated work plan, including monitoring the entry and exit of university visitors and employees.

5: Set the necessary security and traffic plans to organize university celebrations and events.

6: Coordinate with civil defense, police, and other relevant authorities in cases that cannot tolerate delay, and report to the university administration.

7: Cooperating with all ambulance, fire, and rescue teams.

8: Improve the performance level and submit suggestions for improvement. 


9: Study, develop and ,update the university’s security systems.
10: Manage all security operations at the university to avoid accidents from occurring.
11: Conduct the initial investigation into problems and incidents that occur at the university.
12: Preparing the required reports about the university in the field of security.
13: Preparing periodic reports on the administration and its achievements and future plans. 
14: Undertake any other tasks related to Administration.