This lab includes all equipment needed for experiments for both academic staff and students in this aspect which includes researches on soil problems, calculation of soil bearing capacity, suggestion of suitable types of foundation. It participates also in solving soil problems in KSA, carrying out the experimental tests needed for analysis and study of soil for both the private and governmental sectors.


Lab Name

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering



Courses Taught  in the Lab

CE210 – CE311 – CE 423

Skills acquired in the lab

Testing several soil types and conducting soil classification tested similar to those in the real life after graduation and enhance the team work function

List of Equipment

Sample container , 2.5 litre capacity

Electronic top loading Balance 1200 gx0.1g

Drying oven, 225 litre capacity, 220 v with dial thermometer 0-300deg.C

Moisture content tin, 90g capacity

Liquid limit device, hand operated complete with grooving tools

Volumetric shrinkage limit

200 mm test sieves (ASTM Test sieves)

Sieve Shaker for 200 & 300mm diam. 220 v

Long stem soil hydrometer

Standard & Modified compaction moulds

Automatic soil compactor complete with all acc. 4 & 6 inches moulds

Constant head permeability cell 75mm  diam

Manometer Tubes with stands

Compaction permeameter, 101.6 mm

Red rubber tubing H 6.5 mm bore 5 mm wall

Constant level tank