Senior Design Rules

This document describes the updated regulations regarding the senior design course that is offered at College of Engineering, Majmaah University. The following points should be considered for improving the senior design course procedures.


  1. Eligibility of senior design project
  1. GE 306.
  2. 94 Credit Hours(without preparatory Credit Hours).
  3. Specialize course in the track.
  1. Number of student for each group
  1. Minimum two students.
  2. Maximum five students.
  3. Could be more than five in some exception cases.
  1. Number of group supervisor can take:

Two groups per semester.

  1. Report Format:

Report must follow consistent format for Senior Design Project Report published by Engineering Faculty (page size, margining, font type, font size, spacing, caption of figure/table…etc.).

  1. Number of Pages:
  1. For XX498 40-60 pages (including: introduction, literature review or background of study, experimental or analytical work, methodology).
  2. For XX49980-100 pages (completed report).
  1. Final Report Submitting for examination:

Two (2) days before the Lab-Exam Week.

  1. Exam/presentation Schedule Senior Design Project

During the Lab-Exam Week (In coordination with Exam Timetable Committee).

  1. Corrected Final Report:

Two (2) weeks after the exam week.


                                                                Senior Design Forms


Form 1: Student Sign off Form

Form 2: Senior Project Proposal Form

Form 3: Senior Project Selection Form

Form 4: Attendance Sheet

Form 5: Progress Report

MIE 498: Evaluation Forms 6a

MIE 498: Evaluation Forms 6b

MIE 499: Evaluation Forms 6c

MIE 499: Evaluation Forms 6d