Environmental Engineering laboratory is considered as one of the most important laboratory in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department regarding to the Environmental, water and wastewater treatment parameters. The Laboratory contains some instruments that deal with water quality parameters such as Turbidity Meter, Jar Tester, Complete PH Meter that measure various metal and non-metal constituents of water quality and water quality unit as well as some furnaces and ovens. Students are learnt on these instruments as well as do their experiments to be familiar with the common water and wastewater quality parameter


Lab Name

Environmental Engineering



Courses Taught  in the Lab

CE 360 – CE362 - CE 498 – CE 499

Skills acquired in the lab

Ability to conduct Water Quality Analysis testes

List of Equipment

pH Meter – Bench top

Turbidity Meter – Bench top

Conductivity Meter – Bench top

DO Meter – Bench top

Magnetic Stirrer Hot plate with Stand

Vacuum/Pressure Pump

Vacuum Filter

Membrane Filters Gridded  (47-mm) with absorbent pads

Holder Assembly – Glass, 47-mm

Filter Forceps Millipore or equivalent

Fecal coliform incubator water bath

Oven Medium

Multiunit digestion heater

Multiunit Counter Top Distillation Units

Analytical balance

Top Loading electronic balance

Jar Test Apparatus

BOD incubator

UV - Vis spectrophotometer

Table top sterilizer

Water distillation unit

Laboratory Chemical Cart