Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
22 October 2020

Vice Rector Meets Experts to Review Second Self-Study

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In line with the directives of the Rector for all university sectors to accomplish their strategic projects, Dr. Mussalam AL Dossari received in his office at the University Rectorate a team of experts who visits the university to execute the external review of the second self study. The team included Prof. Keith of British Newcastle, Prof. Mohamed AL Fhid, Qassim Univeristy, Prof. Ann, Australia in addition to Dr. Khaled bin Mohamed AL Jarallah, dean of quality and skills development, and the deanship advisors. The team also included the members of the Rectorate Dr. Saad AL Gahtani supervisor of Strategic Planning Department, and the advisor to the administration Dr. Adnan Kotit. Dr. Mussalem welcomed the attending parties and utilized the time they spent to review the second self-study of Majmaah University. He also hailed the efforts made by the development project executives especially the self- study committee and the efforts made by the deanship of quality and skills development for such study which will be the basis upon which the university will apply for academic accreditation. The meeting discussed then the first and second strategic plans, the superior administration of the university, as well as related rules, structures and the administrative and financial system. By the end of the meeting, the team of external reviewers thanked the vice dean for his care to give information which help endorse the rank of the university and push towards the desired goal of academic accreditation.