Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

Reception of Majmaah Municipality Director

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As one of Majmaah University plans to consolidate relations with the community, the vice-rector of the University Dr. Mosallam Al-Dousari received the newly appointed Director of Majmaah Province Municipality engineer/ Mefir Al-Dhwehi. The Vice-rector congratulated Mr. Dhwehi on his new position. Also, Dr. Ahmad Aromaih- Vice-rector for Academic Affairs along with Mr. Ahmad Mosa- Head of the Financial and Administrative Department were present during the visit. During the visit, the guest viewed all the efforts and services that the University offers to Majmaah province residents. Then there were a discussion of the mutual collaboration between the Municipality and the University. Mr. Dwehi- the Municipality Director- showed his full cooperation with the University and thanked the vice-rector for the visit.