Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

MU Finishes Up Transportation Project for Female Students from Centers, Hijrats and Provinces to Different MU Colleges for the Academic Year 1436-1437 AH.

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The Department of Services, representing Majma'ah University, finished up the Transportation Project for the female students from the centers, hijrats and provinces to the different University Colleges for the academic year 1436-1437 AH. For that occasion, the Vice-Rector, Dr. Musallam bin Muhammad Aldousary, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Rector, Dr. Kahlid bin Sa'ad Almugrin, for his unlimited support to all the sectors in MU, and for the great and sustained care of the Bus Services Project for the Female students resulting in the successful Transportation Project for the female students and its services. The Transportation Project includes also transporting the elite students with special needs from and to their residences in the centers, hijrats and provinces within the geographical services scope of MU, which transports 7000 female students daily.it is also concerned with transporting the female students registered in the intern programs, practical application programs, external activities and visits. The routes of public transport in Colleges are scheduled to cover 4 provinces, 77 center and hijrats and 55 neighborhood within the residential provinces. The Vice-Rector has praised the electronic system of Transportation Project in colleges, which also was praised by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. The project earned praised for its services in controlling the procedures of the transport phases and the multiple service forms in the University's E-Portal and mobile application. The transportation project also depends on the icon of weather forecast which contributed in reducing risks and preserving students safety against the extreme weather events, given the long distances between the Colleges and students residences.