The Innovation Center Presents More Introductory Lectures in Zulfi

The director of innovation center Dr. Bakheet A. Al-Rasheedi delivered an introductory lecture titled “ The Role of Innovation Center in Supporting Your Own Project”. The lecture which was held at the auditorium of the campus in Zulfi focused on presenting the services provided by the center to students and faculty members. Inquiries were also answered by Dr. Bakheet and he announced the possibility of registration to receive financial support. The meeting was attended by the Dean of the College of Education in Zulfi, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sweikit and His Vice for postgraduate studies & scientific research, Dr. Rashid Al-Thunaian. The event was aired to female section. Dr. Al-Rasheedi extended his thanks to the Dean of the College of Education in Zulfi for his support and presence.صورة مضمّنة 1صورة مضمّنة 2 

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Tuesday, 15/April/2014