3753 treatment cases and visits to the dental clinic center in the first semester of the academic year 1441

As part of its direct role in serving the community, the College of Dentistry provides dental care to all segments of society on a daily basis. The total number of cases diagnosed and treated at the center is 3753 cases in the male student section for the first semester of the current academic year 1441. The campaign highlights the college outstanding role in community service and introduces the services of the College to the surrounding community. The College Department for Quality and Development, in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Affairs, has prepared an infographic highlighting the services provided by the College Dental Clinics.

Community Service provided by the Dental Clinic in Zulfi
Cases and Visits of the First Semester of 1441 Academic Year

Primary Diagnosis of Patients: 1157
Treatment of Roots and dental fillings: 992
Fixed and Mobile Installations: 445
Face and Jaw Surgery: 229
Gum Disease: 251
Children Teeth: 424
Orthodontics: 215
Total Number of Cases: 3753

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