Review of Unified Regulation of Administrative Documentations & Archives

The Documentations & Archives Center conducted, in cooperation with the General Administration of Development, a workshop entitled ‘Review of Unified Regulation of Administrative Documentations & Archives’.
Held in the training hall of the Administration, the workshop featured the following themes:
1. Overview of the Center’s tasks & responsibilities
2. Explain terms that exist in the regulation which primarily aims to manage administrative documentations and archives in public sectors.
3. Classify documents (both in paper and e-files) and how to organize the employee’s file
The workshop was moderated by Mr. Mohammed abdelhadi who explained these themes to coordinators.
Mohammed al-Mashqur, director of the General Administration of Strategic Planning, highlighted documentations and archives types and for how long they should be retained.
A detailed explanation was presented by Mr. Mohammed al-Ulah about the e-archiving system for documentations.
The workshop was concluded by a speech delivered by the vice-rector, Prof. Musallam al-Dosari.

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Wednesday, 16/September/2020