Rabi Al-Thani 1442
03 December 2020

The Meeting of the Committee of Training and Cultivating affiliated ...

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The Faculty of Science and Humanities at Alghat met the Committee of Training and Cultivating affiliated with the University Developmental Project on Monday corresponding to 13/7/1435 as a part of the committee programs which include work visits for the supporting deanships and colleges in order to present an introductory note about the project and its importance in qualifying the university and its colleges in obtaining the academic and program accreditation. The program was initiated by meeting the dean, Dr. Khalid Bin Abdullah Alshafi, followed by an open meeting with the personnel , university members, and students. Mr. Tawfeak Almadeyham gave a presentation about the developmental project for obtaining the academic accreditation and the dissemination of the quality and academic accreditation culture in the University. The meeting was managed by the college deputy for studies and development , Dr. Waleed Albsher. It is noted that the faculty participated with a number of its leaders and faculty members in such developmental project which is considered an ambitious program to achieve the academic and program accreditation.