إدارة أوقاف الجامعة بالتعاون مع مرصد المسؤولية الاجتماعية تعقد ورشة عمل بعنوان : الأوقاف ودورها في التنمية

Within the framework of the university pursuit to boost the field of endowment, a workshop was held by the University Endowment, in cooperation with the Social Responsibility Observatory, on the role of endowment in development and suggested models.

The workshop addressed the importance of endowment in Islam and its development throughout history. It also showed how the Islamic system was replaced with western systems, particularly in education field which resulted in the development of universities.

The vice-rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, addressed a welcoming speech and highlighted the significance of endowment for sustainable development, pointing out that the success of educational programs at institutions during Islamic history is attributed to endowments that sponsored such programs.

Prof. Al-Dosari commended the role of the Ministry of Education in diversifying universities’ sources of income, marking the university’s partnership with sponsors who have interest to contribute to the success of scientific programs at Saudi universities.

The workshop featured three themes: the first one focused on endowment in Sudair and how endowment proponents’ long-standing contributions in the region will have impact development institutions including Majmaah University.

The second theme shed a light on dialectical relationship between endowments and development in a wide range of life aspects such as education, architecture, health care.

The last theme delved into the indispensable role of endowments in supporting universities to accomplish their mission in serving the society.

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Thursday, 16/September/2021