Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

IT Deanship’s Operational Plan Team visits the General Administration of Strategic Planning

Last Modified Sat, 2020/04/18 - 07:59

As part of its plan to conduct workshops to discuss the way of working out an operational plan for the university’s departments, a team of the Deanship of Information Technology paid a visit to the General Administration of Strategic Planning.
Welcomed by the director of the Administration, Mr. Mohammed Al-Mashquor, the visit featured a discussion of the right way of formulating the deanship’s operational plan.
The director’s assistant, Mr. Nasser Al-Aqil provided a detailed explanation of how to set up a goal and initiative matrix and how to check them.
The Administration has scheduled earlier this visit along with a series of other ones for other departments in the upcoming period.