The Units of the Department

Planning Unit:

- Follow-up the achievement of the university’s strategic plan

- Provide technical supports to the university units in preparing their strategic and operational plans

- Set the strategic plan manual for the university units

- Enhance the concept of strategic planning among the university staff

- Communicate with local universities to exchange experience in the field of planning


Report Unit:

- Write reports ( Afaq – university achievement - follow-up development plan) and submit them to the intended sectors

- Create special forms for operational plan reports of the university units

- Set a manual on strategies of writing operational reports

- Coordinate with the university units in writing the annual strategic reports


Information and Technical Support Unit:

- Provide technical support to all units at the university to follow-up and evaluate their operational plans

- Develop the skills of plans and reports coordinators

- Create forms for information and statistics

- Enhance the communication and public relations between the Department and the university units

- Provide advice and technical consultations as well as reply to all inquiries pertinent to plans for all units of the university