Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

The Administration’s Team Conducts Workshop at King Salman Institute for Studies and Consulting Services

Last Modified Sun, 2020/04/19 - 03:10

A Workshop was conducted on Thursday by the General Administration of Strategic Planning at King Salman Institute for Studies and Consulting Services.
The workshop, which focused on how to work out an operational plan, was held in the presence of the dean of the institute, Dr. Saad Al-Rushod and the operational plan team.

Welcomed by the director of the Administration, Mr. Mohammed Al-Mashquor, the workshop featured a discussion of the right way of formulating the institute’s operational plan.
The director’s assistant, Mr. Nasser Al-Aqil provided a detailed explanation of how to set up a goal and initiative matrix and how to check them.
Mr. Al-Mashquor extended his thanks to Dr. Al-Rushod for the cooperation and