Deanship of Quality and Skills Development conducts a Workshop entitled “Explanation of Administration’s Performance Evaluation Techniques”

Within the framework of its executive plan for the year 1440/1441 to evaluate the performance of the university unit and identify their points of strength and weakness, the Deanship conducted an evaluation visit to all administrations, except newly established ones, to achieve the following goals:
- Contribute in the university’s tendency to obtain the academic accreditation again
- Constant improvement of the university’s performance
- Apply best standards of performance
- Draw a comparison among the university’s administrations.
- Exchange experience and create a sense of competitions among the administrations
- Meet the requirements of quality and institutional accreditation.
- Follow-up the implementation of ISO requirements.
- Document the works via collecting all evidences.
Majed Abdel Aziz launched the workshop by highlighting the new strategies of evaluation that the deanship will adopt in evaluating the administrations for this year. Last year standards have achieved the minimum requirements for all administrations.
The new strategies feature training the administrations on the right way of writing a profile for an administration in a manner that demonstrates its works.
The vice-dean for academic accreditation, Tawfiq Al-Mudeyheem extended his thanks to everyone for their efforts over the past years, attributing the success of quality activities in achieving their goals to the unfailing commitments of the university staff in all academic and administrative units.
A discussion session was held to approve the new standards.

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