Staff and Faculty Members Awarding Ceremony

The Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs Dr. Al-Humaidi Al-Daidan and the Directors of the Department awarded certificates of thanks to all the staff of the Deanship for their great efforts during the academic year 1438-1439, as 204 employees eligible for promotion have been promoted from the 1st to the 9th grades.

A competition for administrative and technical positions was introduced and 35 have passed.

This year, 55 faculty members have been promoted and 45 have been appointed as teaching assistants in all colleges of the university. New faculty members were hired and contracts of the existent faculty members were renewed.

This year, the salary allowances have been added along with the cost of living allowance. Additionally, the salary calculation mechanism changed.

The final settlements and end of service benefits for the leaving faculty members were completed at the beginning of the year.

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