Administrations and Departments


First: Dean of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs who is subordinated by :
          The Deanship Deputy for Development and Quality 
          The Deanship Deputy for Administrative Affairs
          Supervisor of Women Administrative Services Unit 
Second: Deanship Deputyship for Administrative Affairs subordinated by the following administrations:
          Faculty Members Affairs Department 
          Staff Affairs Department 
          Supported Services Department 
          Salaries and Allowances 
Third: Deanship Deputyship for Development and Quality which is subordinated by the following administrations: 
          Human Resource Development Department 
          E-Services Department 
          Planning and Institutional Accreditation Department 
Four: Women Administrative Services Unit
  • Participation in setting various plans, programs and policies related to manpower at the university.
  • Supervision of applying rules and regulations, decisions, instructions and policies related to faculty members and staff affairs as well as related procedures.
  • Following up all contracting procedures with non-Saudi faculty members in coordination with related colleges, Deanships, and administration of the university.
  • Following up all contracting procedures with Saudi faculty members in coordination with related colleges, Deanships, and administration of the university.
  • Distributing works and assigning tasks to Deputyship, administrations and units related to the Deanship as well as coordinating among them. 
  • Completing the administrative procedures related to promotions, transfer, resignation, pending registry, retirement, secondments, holiday and business trip in accordance with rules and regulations issued in this regard. 
  • Completing the procedures of promotion for faculty members and their equivalents after they are approved by scientific boards.  
  • Paying all allowances, rewards and financial dues for boards and committees of university staff after completing the systemic procedures. 
  • Following up all amendments in salaries, monthly payments and allowances statements as well as other ongoing or urgent dues in accordance with regulations. 
  • Following up the process of various Job Performance Evaluation Preparation and related systemic procedures. 
  • Developing the mechanisms saving information and registration related to the Deanship and all University staff as well as exploiting modern technology in this regard. 
  • Participation in committees or meetings work related to the Deanship and representing them in what they are assigned in.
  • Undertaking any task assigned to the Deanship in its field.