Dr Jibreen: Mid Academic Year Leave Is Only for the Students not for Faculty Members or University Employees

The Deanship of Faculty Members and University Employees requests all Deanships and Colleges not to request for Exit and Re-entry Visa for non-Saudi faculty members and employees who would like to spend this break in their countries.  Dr. Jibreen, Dean of Faculty Members and University Employees, clarifies that this leave is applicable only to the students, not to the faculty members or employees.  The official holidays for non-Saudis working for the university are the weekends, Eid Al Fitre Holidays, Eid Al Adha Holidays and the Annual Leave in accordance with the Article(32) of the Rules of Employment for non-Saudi Employees at the university. The Deanship of Faculty Members and Employees adds that a university contractee can be granted an Emergency Leave, not exceeding a total of TEN DAYS in one year, with full payment but deduct the same number of days from his/her Annual Leave.  The contractee is not eligible for tickets for such Emergency Leave as stipulated in Article (35) of the Regulation.  The Deanship confirms that there is no way of issuing Exit and Re-entry Visas except in the above mentioned THEE HOLIDAYS and the GRANTED EMERGENCY LEAVE.  The Deanship urges everyone concerned to be committed to these instructions and not  to request for Exit and Re-entry visas without completing the necessary procedures specially in case of Emergency Leaves.

Last modified
Sunday, 28/June/2020