A decision On How To Get The Leave Has Been Issued

In reference to what has been checked recently of postponing some Vice Deanships and Departments to submit the Leave Applications of the staff, and in order to enable the staff to get the Leave before the decision has been issued, the Deanship of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs  has confirmed not to allow any male or female staff to get the Leave before issuing a decision on the Leave  by the concerned party.

This decision has been issued in a circular issued by the Dean of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Jibreen, where he stressed the importance of adhering to the instructions and regulations that have been issued in this regard. Consequently, the Deanship has set a duration of time to submit an application of requesting a Leave not less than fifteen days prior to the time of getting the leave, whether it was an Ordinary Leave or Emergency Leave or a Leave of Maternity.

Last modified
Sunday, 28/June/2020