The Deanship Elucidates the Test Leave for the Employees who are enrolled in studying during the evening shift

 Deanship of Faculty Members and University Employees elucidated the mechanism of  eligibility for  Test Leave for the employees who are enrolled in studying, in accordance with the provisions of Article (9) of the List of L eaves at the Ministry of Civil Service (the employee has the right to be absent from work with full payment for the whole period which is required to do the exam, under the condition of  providing an official written letter for doing the exam as well as the  duration of the exam)

The Deanship has stressed the employees who have a leave to do the exam, should come in case the exam's period is just one day if they have the exam in the location of their job.

The Deanship wished all employees success and best of luck.

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Saturday, 27/April/2013