Deanship calls Deanships and Colleges to submit the contracts of non-Saudis faculty members

Coinciding with the end of the academic year and near the end of the contracts of non- Saudis faculty members, Deanship of Faculty Members and University Employees called Deanships and Colleges, to quickly submit both the names of faculty members whom the Colleges desire to renew their contracts  and the names of those whom their contracts won’t be renewed, according to the available applications that can be found on the Deanship’s Site

 (Electronic Forms)

Deanship of Faculty Members and University Employees, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Jibreen, stressed the importance of filling out the form of housing allowance for those whom the college desires to renew their contracts, attaching the approval of the Central Hiring Committee, in case the exceptional raise is different within the limits of the conferred authorities.

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Wednesday, 03/April/2013